1. Contact Tech Assignment

Just by visiting this website, you’ve taken the first step towards simplifying the hiring experience and finding the ideal staffing solution.

2. Identify Your Needs

An Account Manager will help you through the entire process, from understanding your needs and company culture, to considering the array of available staffing solutions and timing.

3. Gain an Understanding

Here your Account Manager will delve deeper. Their goal will be to have an intimate understanding of who you are, what skills and—equally as important—personality would combine for an ideal candidate. We’ll also help answer any questions and set expectations at this stage.

4. Initial Search

The Tech Assignment recruitment team will begin looking for the right fit. This isn’t a simple keyword search, but an in-depth analysis of Tech Assignment’s current contacts , networks and new applicants. We’ll cross-reference each with the needs we identified during the previous step to identify the candidates with a potential skill and culture fit. Those with the most potential will be evaluated, screened and interviewed by Tech Assignment to further evaluate the match, eliminating 95 percent of the poor matches. 

5. Test the Water

Tech Assignment will send an initial resume to evaluate the search and identify your exact requirements. The majority of the time, clients like you are looking at a resume that meets all the right criteria and is a great potential hire. If we’re off at all, we’ll collaborate to identify where recruiters should make adjustments.  At this stage you’ll be as critical as possible to help Tech Assignment refine their search.

6. Sending Qualified Candidates

The resumes you see at this point will be the matches you always hoped to find. Tech Assignment will share only the best matches, and we’ll help facilitate and coordinate interviews as necessary.

7. Selection

This may be the hardest part—choosing from the outstanding pool of candidates. When you have made a selection, Tech Assignment will help identify the candidate’s level of interest so your organization can make plans with confidence—saving you time, money and headaches.

8. Negotiations

When you’ve made your selection, you’ll have Tech Assignment’s years of experience helping you and your candidate work together on all the details. Lean on us to help with things like salary negotiations, timeline planning, culture integration and more.